Aboriginal Women Leaders

The Aboriginal Women Leaders: Manitoba initiative 2008-2009 and the Aboriginal Women Leaders: Saskatchewan initiative 2011-2012 addresses the struggle many Indigenous women face at overcoming specific barriers to acquiring leadership positions.  ILDI provided an opportunity for (20) women leaders in Manitoba and (20) women leaders in Saskatchewan to explore these barriers, and learn ways to overcome them, while being provided with opportunities to use their skills.

The project provided (20) Manitoba Indigenous women leaders and (20) Saskatchewan Indigenous Women Leaders an opportunity to explore the barriers, discuss ways to overcome them, and participate in a formalized mentorship and networking program designed to increase the representation of Indigenous women in positions of leadership.

The participants completed up to five (5) executive training sessions and attended one (1) National conference focused on their individual professional development.  Examples of topics explored were: Nation Building, How Ottawa Works, Conflict Resolution, Strategic Planning, Board Governance, and Governance Roles and Responsibilities.  The program is designed to provide opportunities for women to practice their leadership skills through the mentorship program and through leading sessions.  By utilizing an empowerment approach the participants discussed and focused on issues related to capacity building and their leadership roles within their communities.

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