Executive Training Sessions

In partnership with educational institutes from across North America, the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc. offers executive training sessions throughout the year.

To inquire about registration or schedule a session for your organization, contact:
Melanie Dean, Director of Executive Training
Phone: (204) 940-1706
Email: melaniedean@ildii.ca


Mastering Reports & Proposals – University of Winnipeg
The ability to write an effective proposal requires unique knowledge and skills in communications. This course will provide participants with the skills and knowledge framework that can be used during and immediately upon completion of the course.

How Ottawa Works- Advanced – Carleton University
Designed to provide an in depth understanding of the political system, policy and process in order to effect change and work towards specific political outcomes. This session will provide information on the inner-workings of government and the relationship to Aboriginal politics. Participants will be provided with a current overview of the Ottawa scene including departments, central agencies, processes, parliament, federal/provincial relations, bureaucratic skills, politics and the bureaucracy.

Advanced-Mediation and Negotiation – University of Victoria
Advanced mediation and negotiations are especially of relevance to Aboriginal people as it shapes to influence outcome to the various outstanding issues and claims involving the Crown.

Strategic Planning- Advanced – University of Winnipeg/Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Inc.
The ability to respond to the rapid and complex changes affecting the way we conduct business, and provide services is critical for success. Participants in this advanced course will be provided with a review of the basic principles of Strategic Planning. In addition, participants will also be provided with alternative approaches, which will lead to the development of advanced skills and strategies for effective and efficient Strategic Planning.

Facilitation, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution – Advanced Universityof Alberta
The session will provide skills to improve and enhance participant’s ability to negotiate effectively as well as engage and address issues facing Indigenous leaders. Major themes include: effective negotiating and mediation strategies; ways of approaching negotiations between Indigenous organizations and governments or industry; the importance of internal negotiations within your community or organization; the relationship of these internal to external negotiations and reflections on individual negotiation styles.

Nation Building Leadership Governance & Economic Policy – Native Nations Institute/Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development

This session is designed to share information that will enhance the capacity of nations to determine their own futures, to exercise self-governing powers effectively and to build sustainable communities. In addition this session will explore research findings and the leadership challenges they pose.

Board Governance & Policy Development – Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Inc.

It is often said that good governance leads to informed decisions and a stronger community. Where Board Governance and Policy is clear with respect to roles and responsibilities and is accompanied by an effective “dispute resolution” mechanism, the probability of success increases as well.

Accountability & Performance Reporting-Advanced – Institute on Governance

The workshop outlines and develops the utility of strong accountability and performance reporting. Effective development and implementation of the agreed to policies can contribute for effective functioning of the political leadership and administrative management.

Effective Leadership Traditional Teachings for Contemporary Leaders –University of Winnipeg
It is a false choice when one is asked to choose between “tradition and modern”. It is increasingly recognized that culture and traditions plays a role in our value-system and world-view. For Aboriginal and mainstream communities, there can be a balance between the two.

Governance Requisites for Leaders – Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Inc.
The workshop identifies prevailing best practices among Aboriginal and other communities with respect to issues such as development and implementation of by-laws, accountability and transparency and, authority and responsibility.

Insight, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution – Centre for Conflict Education & Research/Carleton University

The workshop provides strategies by which to minimize prospects of conflict, how to turn a “win-lose” outcome to one that is “win-win”

Historical Understanding of Aboriginal Peoples – Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Inc.
The Indigenous Historical Cultural Awareness course provides information to clarify thinking and dispel myths about Indigenous people. The workshop establishes linkages between historical events and present day issues. We look at the history of Canada from the point-of-view of Indigenous people.  Participants will get an understanding of the historical, current and future trends and challenges of Indigenous people in Canada.