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Executive Training Modules

Advanced Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution


Provide skills to improve and enhance participant’s ability to negotiate effectively as well as engage and address issues facing Indigenous leaders. Major themes include: effective negotiating and mediation strategies; ways of approaching negotiations between Indigenous organizations and governments or industry; the importance of internal negotiations within your community or organization; the relationship of these internal to external negotiations and reflections on individual negotiation styles.


Designed to provide participants with “The Big Picture” of Negotiations and Mediation, topics to be covered include:

  • Review of the Negotiation Process phases for multi-party/multi-issue disputes (preparation, commitment, process design, substantive negotiations, monitoring/implementation)
  • Review of the Negotiation Approaches interest-based negotiation vs. positional bargaining
  • Review the seven basic principles of interest-based negotiations
  • Review of Dispute Resolution and premises for Mediation.

The issue of complex negotiation issues like Treaty and Indigenous rights. Internal Preparation and Negotiations within your community or organization, and the vital role these internal negotiations play in relation to larger, multi-party negotiations


*All our Executive Training sessions are customized to reflect the needs of clients. Time(s) and Date(s) may vary according to your specific requirements. Please contact Executive Training Manger to discuss your situation.