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Executive Training Modules

Board Training and Board Membership


Provides an in depth look of what Board Governance means to Board Members/Elected officials and the demands and legal expectations placed on individuals. Can the Governance approach identified in the Carver Model be applied to First Nations Governance? Participants will also explore their potential through a review and analysis of Boards in their communities, and learn to develop policies for effective governance.


This course will provide an opportunity for participants to explore the issue of Indigenous Governance through the review of their own governance structures and several case studies:

  • Principles of Good Governance in the 21st Century developed by the Institute on Governance
  • The Self Government Landscape, B.C. Treaty Commission
  • Indigenous Governance in the decade ahead, towards a new agenda for change, Institute on Governance
  • The Harvard Project (Findings of the Harvard Project on Good Governance) applied to Canada


*All our Executive Training sessions are customized to reflect the needs of clients. Time(s) and Date(s) may vary according to your specific requirements. Please contact Executive Training Manger to discuss your situation.