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Executive Training Modules

Governance Requisites For Leaders


Identifies prevailing best practices among Indigenous leaders and communities with respect to issues such as development and implementation of by-laws, accountability and transparency, authority and responsibility.


  1. Clarification of the Roles and Responsibilities of Chief, Council and various leadership sectors.
  2. Review of Written Terms of Reference such as the Constitution, Bylaws and Board Policy.
  3. Development of a Code of Ethics if it is not currently available.
  4. Provision and discussion of sample of Written Terms of Reference for Governance Boards from which the board can tailor their own specific terms.

The following are activities that are covered:

  • Roles, Responsibilities, Duties and Goals of the board
  • Governance vs. Management Decisions
  • Written and Unwritten Terms of Reference, Norms
  • Appropriate Record Keeping
  • Chair’s Role
  • Expectations of board members in meetings
  • How the board meeting is managed
  • Terms of Reference for the Chair
  • Creation of board meeting agendas
  • Committees and the way committees work


*All our Executive Training sessions are customized to reflect the needs of clients. Time(s) and Date(s) may vary according to your specific requirements. Please contact Executive Training Manger to discuss your situation.