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Executive Training Modules

Strategic Planning – Basic


The approach to “strategic planning” used in these workshops is based on “strategic thinking”, organizational effectiveness and organizational efficiency. Strategic thinking includes carefully examining the internal and external environments of the organization and then designing the most appropriate strategies needed to develop effective and efficient plans for the implementing change. Session one centres on the “tasks/ planning” involved and session two on the “process/implementation” of strategic planning.


Main topics covered are:

  • Implication in strategic planning
  • Benefits of strategic planning
  • The strategic planning cycle
  • Designing a strategic plan
  • Review basic strategic planning concepts
  • Alternative approaches to basic strategic planning
  • Skills for successful strategic planning
  • Designing alternative approaches and practicing skills


*All our Executive Training sessions are customized to reflect the needs of clients. Time(s) and Date(s) may vary according to your specific requirements. Please contact Executive Training Manger to discuss your situation.