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Leadership Initiatives

Core Governance Practices with First Nations

Proposes of Core Governance Practices with First Nations – Leadership & Governance Development, is a project in which ILDI will enter into an agreement with five (5) communities and will work with them to improve their core governance practices and at the same time build capacity for the future. The four First Nation communities will be identified by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada: Once the communities are identified, letters of support will be sought from the respective First Nations to form part of the project. There will be five specific deliverables:

Community Initiated Governance, at a local level, ILDI works with the communities and enters into formal agreements to establish a Leadership and Governance Development Model. Priority will be given to those communities who are under Intervention with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) and selection from the levels of Recipient Managed, Co-Managed and Third Party Managed interventions.

Conduct a Community Governance Assessment, ILDI works with the community to identify and review current governance practices utilizing the ten (10) core functions of government described in the AANDC program guidelines.

Jointly Build a Community Development Governance Plan, ILDI works with the communities to create a governance plan that identifies resources and tools to make the plan efficient and sustainable. We will work with the various department Directors and Managers who have identified their commitment to building stronger communities and who sincerely wish to participate in governance and leadership initiatives. The end outcome will be a draft of a community plan which the First Nation can use to begin implementation.

Capacity Building Initiative, Provide training for up to five (5) people who hold positions of leadership in each of the five (5) communities, in the capacities as identified by the needs assessment. This will ensure their skills are developed to provide strong leadership that is relevant for each community and is specific to achieving the ten core functions of government. The main focus of capacity development will be in those areas that will increase the capacity to create, develop and implement a community plan.

Follow up and offer on-going Support and Mentorship, An evaluation of the training held will be conducted and will involve input from all participants. ILDI will offer continued support to the communities by making available various governance resource materials, and by request, will connect communities together in order to share ideas, knowledge and respective resources.

This project will engage First Nations, assess their current governance capacity, and create a first draft of a Community Plan that will help them achieve the requirements of federal funders, implement a capacity building initiative for senior officials in the community and, finally conduct an evaluation and follow up.

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