Developing First Nation Core Governance Capacity

To develop governance-related capacity that is necessary to achieve the community-based priorities within the ten core functions of government. This capacity development includes a review of the community’s priorities, strategic and core governance work plans and identify the gaps in capacity. From this analysis we designed and delivered a training curriculum that addresses the ten core functions of government and specific priority objectives of the community to reach these goals.

To assist in this process, ILDI partnered with communities that have worked with us over the past two years to develop their Core Governance Work Plans. These work plans include identified strategies, actions, budgets and community priorities that specifically address:

  1. Leadership
  2. Membership
  3. Law-Making
  4. Community Involvement
  5. External Relations
  6. Planning and Risk Management
  7. Financial Management
  8. Human Resources Management
  9. Information Management / Information Technology
  10. Basic Administration
Key Activities (Based on a Milestone Approach):
  • Activity 1: Assess current capacities – seeking engagement and input
  • Activity 2: Review and assist with the comprehensive core governance plan action steps
  • Activity 3: Customization of Curriculum
  • Activity 4: Provide the Training
  • Activity 5: Evaluate Training
  • Activity 6: Complete Report(s)