Training Subjects

Training ILDI Can Deliver Right In Your Community ILDI Executive Training Program

  • Leadership And Governance
    • Governance Requisites for Leaders
    • Board Training and Board Management
    • Governance, Accountability and Performance Reporting
    • Law Making: Process and Planning
    • Administration Training
    • How Ottawa Works
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  • Managing People And Teams
    • Staff Team Building and Dealing with Employee Conflict Resolution
    • Life skills Training
    • Train the Trainer – Facilitator Training
    • Effective Leadership: Traditional Teachings for Contemporary Leaders
    • Cultural Awareness
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  • Strategy
    • Strategic Planning I
    • Strategic Planning II
    • Community Planning
    • Workshop Development
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  • Communication
    • Mastering Proposals and Professional Communication
    • Managing the Media
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  • Economic Development
    • Business Plan Development
    • Indigenous Nation Building: Leadership, Governance, Culture and Economic Success
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  • Project Managment
    • Managing Projects for Better Results
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  • Negotiations
    • Advanced Mediation Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
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  • Finance
    • Financial Management
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