Mastering Proposals And Professional Communication

Acquire skills to write effective and professional proposals, briefing notes, memos, and media releases for the workplace. Participants are provided with tools and templates that can be used upon completion of this 2-day workshop.

Managing The Media

Learn how to deal with the media assertively and strategically. Specific learning objectives include: the unique oral tradition of Indigenous people, demystifying media, how to establish and maintain balance in media relations, how to have your message seen and heard in all media mediums, what’s news – how and when to prepare a powerful press release and/or press conference, how to talk to reporters, deal with damage and crisis control, what the media can do for you and making sure they do it, building credibility, how to negotiate and prepare for interviews, answering tough questions, what to do when results disappoint, In the “hot seat”: prepare and record interviews, Interview critiques and feedback, guest panelists and group conversations.