Leadership And Governance

Governance Requisites For Leaders

Identifies best practices among Indigenous leaders with respect to roles and responsibilities of Chief and Council, duties and goals of the board, written and unwritten Terms of Reference, appropriate record keeping, expectations of board members in meetings, how the board meeting is managed, Terms of Reference for the Chair, creation of board meeting agendas, the way committees work, development and implementation of by-laws, accountability, transparency, authority, and responsibility.

Board Training And Board Management

Customized to focus on board governance, board roles and responsibilities, and board professionalism. Each participant will receive a board roles and responsibilities manual as a reference to assist in the professional continuity of the board.

Governance, Accountability And Performance Reporting

Enhance the capacity of First Nation communities to exercise sovereignty for building sustainable economics and self-governance. This session identifies how Indigenous governance is changing across Canada.

Law Making: Process And Planning

Develop a law making process and prepare a draft law making plan. Participants will discuss By-laws, the development, ratification, and implementation; the negotiation process phase for multi-party multi-issue disputes, dispute resolution and premises for mediation. To provide skills to improve and enhance participant’s ability to negotiate effectively as well as engage and address issues facing First Nation leadership.

Administration Training

Enhance the process of running an organization or business. The administration will learn to establish and implement policies, procedures, and protocols. Identify the roles and responsibilities of the administrator, staffing personnel, Chief and Council and other leadership sectors. Ensure that procedures and policies fulfill the community and organization Mission Statement and Vision. Acquire skills in Professional communication is key to run an efficient organization.

How Ottawa Works

Facilitated by Carleton University, this two-day session explores the inner-workings of government and the relationship to Indigenous politics and a current overview of the Ottawa scene including departments, central agencies, process, parliament, fed/prov. Relations, bureaucracy, and politics.