Managing People And Teams

Staff Team Building And Dealing With Employee Conflict Resolution

Review basic principles of Management Team Building and Advanced Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Participants engage in leadership activities and practices with discussion, brainstorming, and exercises. Participants will get to know each other through facilitated exercises, discuss tools for success, and develop potential solutions to employee conflict.

Indigenous Life Skills Coach Training

For community leaders that facilitate, mentor, and train at all levels. A leadership focused and culturally relevant 2-day session that delivers facilitator training for effective communication that moves everyone forward toward common goals and success; coaching that identifies the benefits you offer as a life skills coach; effective leadership with one on one mentorship and group mentorship dynamics. Identify modes of empowerment rather than dependency; discuss challenging scenarios such as: on-reserve to off-reserve transitioning, conflict resolution, maintaining relationships, positive reputation, outreach, and the art of being pro-active.

Train The Trainer – Facilitator Training

For those who aspire to learn how to work with groups in more interactive, engaging, and effective ways; nurturing collective intelligence, shared learning, and effective action. Designed with alternative approaches that lead to the development of advanced facilitation skills. A “train the trainer” process that provides tools needed to create a space for something new to emerge. Participants will be active in learning how to design and lead conversations as facilitators that will result in clear thinking, intelligent solutions and group coherence; as well, Identify appropriate models for guiding the training process. Participants will receive a Facilitator’s Guide Book as a tool to assist with training in the workplace.

Effective Leadership: Traditional Teachings For Contemporary Leaders

This two-day session is customized specifically to participants currently in senior or leadership roles within their organization. An introductory understanding of Indigenous worldview and history will be provided. Traditional concepts will be offered that can be utilized in contemporary leadership positions, share concerns and ideas; to reflect upon your own strengths and weaknesses as leaders. Gain an understanding of how the attributes of a traditional leader may be of benefit to the contemporary leader.

Cultural Awareness

Phase I – Intended for staff of organizations and business. An introductory understanding of Indigenous worldview, traditional cultural values, traditional concepts, with a focus on the communities you will be working and/or interacting with. Acquired knowledge can be applied to your own life, to the contemporary workplace, and to more meaningful relationships with the communities you work with. Participants will also become aware of the history and intergenerational impact of residential schools. For some, this course may also generate additional personal outcomes.

Phase II – Intended for staff of organizations and business that have previously completed Cultural Awareness training on an introductory level. Phase II will focus specifically on the communities you work with. This customized session will bring special guest speakers, roundtable of discussion, and transfer of knowledge on current cultural trends impacting these communities in contrast to historical impacts.

Phase III – Intended for all staff of organizations and business to come together and engage in a one (1) day session to discuss their experience during their two-days of Cultural Awareness training in a safe and organized team environment. Participants will have the opportunity to make presentations, review basic principles of Team Building and engage in team building activities with discussion, brainstorming, and exercises. Participants will get to know each other better and discuss tools for success.