Strategic Planning Level I – Advanced

Participants will be provided with alternative approaches, which will lead to the development of advanced skills and strategies for effective and efficient Strategic Planning. Case studies will provide participants with an opportunity to identify and practice an appropriate model for guiding the Strategic Planning process. Participants will also gain experience and develop skills in the facilitation of a Strategic Planning process. Basic facilitation principles and guidelines will be used to provide essential skills and knowledge to be successful in facilitation processes.

Strategic Planning Level II – Train The Trainer

Customized specifically for those with some experience in Strategic Planning. While Strategic Planning Level I is designed with alternative approaches that lead to the development of advanced skills and strategies; Strategic Planning Level II utilizes these components but is designed for those who aspire to learn how to work with groups in more interactive, engaging, and effective ways; nurturing collective intelligence, shared learning, and effective action. Participants will receive a Facilitator’s Guide Book as a tool to assist with training in the workplace. Participants will be active in learning how to design and lead conversations as facilitators that will result in clear thinking, intelligent solutions and group coherence.

Community Planning

A pre-questionnaire reflective of the community and functions of governance will be completed prior to the training session. A review of the completed Community Plan Questionnaire will take place at the 2-day session with principles of Strategic Planning to assist in moving forward with the development of a realistic and efficient Community Plan that identifies resources and tools to make the plan efficient and sustainable. In addition, participants will be provided with a review of current best practices and trends with First Nations, alternative approaches, which will lead to the development of advance skills and strategies for effective and efficient Strategic Planning and facilitation for the future.

Workshop Development

Designed to equip workshop coordinators with the essential skills to plan, prepare, present and evaluate workshops. Participants will receive facilitator training that will provide necessary awareness of their critical role in establishing a productive, face to face dialogue approach to capacity building. We’ll examine the mandatory processes of contracting, planning, preparing, presenting, evaluating, how adults learn, methods of delivery, workshop summary/evaluation, and report summary for developing successful workshops.