Our Team

Uriel Jelin

Research, Innovation & Communications Specialist Phone: 204.940.1700 Email: urieljelin@www.ildii.ca

Uriel Jelin is the Research, Innovation & Communications Specialist at the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Inc. (ILDI) specializing in English – Spanish translation. Uriel is from Rosario City, Argentina and has attained a B.A. in Not for Profit Organizations Management from the University of San Martin (Argentina). He has been professionally involved with the non-profit sector for many years working in diverse areas such as with Elders, High School Education Institutions, Social Programs and Demographic Research. Uriel has also developed his career in the Market Research field, leading quantitative studies analysis since 2003. Uriel had the opportunity to work with clients globally, travelling several times to Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, enjoying working in different environments and learning from diversity.