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On behalf of the children of San Pedro La Laguna community and the municipality, Mayab (AMTHI) we would like to send our respectful greeting, welfare and harmony in your personal and institutional life and that the Energies of the universe will fill you with many blessings to each one of you and the Global Network members.

The children of this community as well as their parents are extremely grateful for the donation of useful school supplies they have received through Mr. Miguel Curruchiche, who is a delegate of the Global Network Guatemala.

These children coming from poor neighborhood appreciate and value these contributions that will be very useful in their educational processes. Unfortunately poverty affects the community and most of these children do not complete their grade sixth school year due to economic limitations of their parents, and some of them expect someone of good will to sponsor them so they can complete their studies and become citizens entrepreneurs one day.

This group of children beneficiaries from your support were previously selected from a large number of children in need.