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Open Call for Hosting The Next Annual World Indigenous Business (WIBF) Forum

In partnership with and at the request of Indigenous leaders of Canada, The Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Inc. launched the first ever World Indigenous Business Forum (WIBF), which was held in New York City in 2010. That inaugural WIBF featured Keynote Speaker, Canadian Director and Film Producer – James Cameron and was well attended by leaders from across the globe. The WIBF 2010 created demand for subsequent gatherings.

The second WIBF event was well attended, and interest in building capacity and expanding economic opportunities continued to grow. A group of Indigenous leaders and youth in attendance envisioned the value of the event and initiated a partnership with ILDII to co-host WIBF 2012 in Sydney, Australia. Representatives from Namibia in attendance secured the event and WIBF 2013 was in held in Windhoek, Namibia, in October 2013.

The WIBF is now in its planning stages: with commitments from representative partners in Guatemala for October 2014 and in Honolulu, Hawaii for 2015. The event continues to gain momentum and value for the ongoing development of greater capacity and economic development with Indigenous leaders from around the world.

WIBF Host Benefits
  • Provides an economic impact during the week of the forum, with attendees either arriving early or departing after an extended stay in order to visit the host country’s historical and tourism related locations
  • Involves local and multi-sectoral groups fostering economic development and engaging Indigenous peoples
  • Generates an international awareness and promotion of the host city/country over the duration of the host sponsor(s) – approximately a three-year period
  • Cost to host is approximately $150,000 over a three year time period, dependent upon area held and the economic climate of the year(s) leading up to
  • The Indigenous Leadership Development Institute (ILDI) and the WIBF bid committee will work with host country to leverage dollars and in securing relative funding
  • Provides a speaking opportunity at each of the WIBF forums leading up to and including the host country year (maximum of three years)
  • Travel costs for two representatives from the host country will be covered for up to the three years leading to their country WIBF being held.

ILDI will ensure representatives from the organization will make an introductory trip to the host country to secure venue, meet prospective partners and gain knowledge of the area to properly market the country effectively to foreign delegates

Bid Process

A completed bid will be accepted until August 30, 2014 along with the non-refundable bid fee as

  • $1,200 CDN bid fee (non-refundable)
  • Note the proposer’s committee name on the cheque.
  • Form of payment: cheque, Visa or MasterCard payable to:
    Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc. (ILDI)
    101 – 1874 Portage Avenue
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3J 0H2
  • A bid will not be accepted without the bid fee. The fee will pay for committee members to meet and review bid proposals.
  • We reserve the right to accept bids after this deadline.
Review Committee Process and Guidelines
  • The Successful Bidder will be showcased on all global marketing efforts relating to the WIBF whenever possible leading up to and inclusive of WIBF 2016.
  • An announcement of the successful bid will be made at the WIBF to be held October 28-30, 2014 and the successful bidder will have an allotment of time on the agenda for the announcement to be made. Additionally, the successful bidder will have the opportunity to present at WIBF 2015 in Oahu, Hawaii and as the host country in 2016.
  • The successful host and all pertinent information will be included in the marketing efforts of WIBF, both in print and on social media.
  • The review committee is comprised of members of the Board of Directors of ILDI and their decision is final.
  • The committee will select two (2) finalists.
  • The committee will send someone to the host location to visit the organization and look at the potential venue for WIBF 2016. This visit may be done virtually.
  • The WIBF 2016 committee will ask for a unanimous consent from a group comprised of representatives from previous WIBF coordinators. If the group does not ratify the recommendation, the WIBF 2016 organizing committee reserves the right to make additional recommendations. The WIBF 2016 committee will make the final selection decision.
  • Please answer each question listed in the WIBF Host Application in a paragraph.
  • All bids shall be submitted electronically; please send the completed application as a Microsoft Word document or PDF.
  • Please send completed bid to and if you have any questions please contact:Barb Hambleton, Vice President
    Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Inc.
    101-1874 Portage Avenue
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    R3J 0H2
    Telephone: 204-940-1700

Open Call to Host WIBF 2016 (Printer Friendly Version)

WIBF Host Application